Group guitar lesson


Group guitar lesson is a fun and cheap way to learn to play guitar.

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Group guitar lessons include:

  • step by step guitar teaching with a personal approach
  • working on guitar technics
  • working on different rhythm patterns from basic pop to advanced jazz and latin guitar rhythms
  • notes and how to read and write them
  • working on basic triads, advanced chords and chord construction
  • scale theory and use of different scales for the specific types of music genres
  • working on over the barline phrasing and improvisation
  • working on the accuracy (ahead, in the pocket and laid back playing)
  • understanding guitar parts of a song arrangement and analyzing the function of the guitar in the given song
  • working on musical interpretation (dynamic, expression, mood, swing etc.)
  • music theory and the influence of music to a human body, spirit and social behavior
  • PDF materials and backing tracks to practice yourself


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